Bloom Campaign

Brand Identity, Communication Design, Research Study

︎︎︎ January - April 2022

︎︎︎ Illustrator, Photoshop

Project Overview

To design a branding campaign to encourage young women to learn about their contraceptive health and resources. 

The Problem

There lacks a general education on women’s health, especially with the topic of contraception. This stems from cultural and social factors that has influenced the way we view women’s bodies and placed a stigma placed towards their health and resources avaliable to them.

The Solution ︎︎︎

Bloom is a branding campaign that eduates young women about the contraceptive resources available to them and encourages them to make informed decisions about their health.

Phase 01: Research ︎︎︎

Identifying the design problem and conducting research on existing materials. 

Research Study

Throughout history, there has been a stigma placed towards women’s health and made topics such as contraception hard to discuss freely in society. By conducting a research study, I wanted to explore social and cultural factors that have affected the perception of women’s health and break down barriers to the stigmatization of women’s health education. A literature report was then done to dissect the primary research done on how the public views the contraceptive pill.

Research Plan
Reoccuring factors from the literature report became themes that were used to conduct secondary research with recruited participants. This consisted of a Google survey and interviews on Zoom conducted with selected participants. Data was recorded through note-taking on a password device and with informed ongoing consent from participants.

For the target participants of the study, I had a specific audience of young women aged 18-24. I chose this age range as the focus group as I wanted to specifically study how young women perceived the pill

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Overview of Research

Phase 02: Visual Identity︎︎︎

Developing a visual identity that is coheret and represents the brand’s message.

Logo and Tagline
“Bloom” was chosen to represent this branding campaign as flowers have long been connected with femininity. They mirror feminine biology and growth of reproduction. Bloom builds on this association and seeks to encourage young women to flourish and develop a sense of self-confidence in their bodies.

Visual Elements

Flowers are a main visual point that is used reflect the brand name and message. Simple abstract icons are used to create imagery that attracts the youthful and nostalgic audience.

Brand Guidelines

Phase 03: Branding Campaign ︎︎︎

Applying visual elements to the branding campaign consistently across print and digital platforms.

Posters are designed to promote the importance of contraceptive methods and Bloom’s Instagram account as the primary tool for simplified information.

Social Media

Bloom uses Instagram as the primary platform for users to get more detailed information on contraceptives and other health resources. It was chosen due to the younger demographic target audience, who typically spend more time on their phones and social media. The accessibility of Instagram allows users to be exposed to information on a daily basis. Bloom’s feed is simple and summarized, making medical information more digestible for users who may not have the time to research on their own time.

Promotional Event

A partnered FROSH stand event will be held on post-secondary campuses for Bloom to promote the brand to new and returning students. This event will consist of brand ambassadors who will hand out promotional wearables, items and provide a community for students to learn about the resources available to them.

Promotional Items

Wearable products are designed to be handed out to students passing by the FROSH stands. The products promote the message of intimacy and the importance of staying informed of the contraceptive methods avaliable to them.

Condoms are a inclusive product that can be handed out to all students, encouraging the use of contraceptives. Condoms are typically marketed as a male product. With bloom’s visuals, they are used to attract the female audiences, with floral based visuals. This serves as method of encouraging woman to take control of their contraceptive health.

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