UX/UI Design, Brand Identity

September - December 2020

Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe

Project Overview

To design a captivating magazine that is targeted towards young women seeking additional information on the world of sustainable fashion and how to make conscious decisions when shopping.

The Problem

Fast-fashion has become a problem within a consumer based society where inexpensive clothing are being produced to respond to the latest trends. These inexpensive pieces are not built to last and eventually goes out of style quickly. As a result, more waste is being produced and piling the landfills.

The Solution ︎︎︎

Forward is a publication targeted towards avid fashion lovers who want to make a conscious change in their wardrobes.

About Forward

The magazine encourages forward thinking and shopping by addressing issues such as fast fashion, unethical clothing production and distribution and climate change. It encourages young women to use fashion as a creative outlet to express themselves and go beyond social trends.

︎︎︎ It will provide essential wardrobe tips and touch on the importance of sustainable fashion.

︎︎︎ It will help individuals make conscious decisions in their everyday lives while not breaking the bank.

Let’s work together! ︎